What is JetBackup?

JetBackup is a prominent cPanel backup solution that allows you to backup your account via cPanel Remote or local incremental backups. Included are full account backups and SSL certificates.
Jet Backup also lets you filter accounts by disk space, resellers, cPanel packages, etc.


Shared Jetbackup License Pricing

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Upon installation of our system, only your licensing section will be changed, and nothing will happen to your other information. Our License is completely secure.

Benefits of Cheap JetBackup License

Manage all of your servers from a single, easy-to-navigate interface. With our patented job optimizer, you can automate backup scheduling and back up all of your servers in the quickest amount of time possible!

Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to do regular backups?

The fact is that no matter how carefully you maintain your computer or server, problems can occur. Hardware faults and glitches can destroy data, and natural disasters can put entire datacenters in jeopardy. Backups are essential whether you are keeping data that is critical to the operation of your organization or that you just want to keep secure.
The last thing you need is to find yourself in a situation where your server's hard drive fails, resulting in the loss of all user data and corporate records.

How to backup via JetBackup Tools?

It is simple to create a backup for an entire account with the help of jetbackup. In addition, the cPanel format will be the same as the jetbackup format as well. While running the jetbackup entire account process, it is possible that you may need to alter the cPanel package. You have a significant disadvantage in this section since the self-server access point is disabled, and as a result, the permitting option is disabled. In this instance, you would be unable to restore your personal account information. For further information, you can get in touch with the jetback team.